Omsho Crysalis
Creation Thru Transformation

Holistic is Whole-You-Centric even if the need is alopathic / standard Western medicine. Yes Omsho is a paradigm for what healthcare should be ! Our Focus is YOU - in the NOW.  We Invite you to experience the difference that 20 years of bodywork brings to the table, your body, your emotional care.   Clients say "That is the difference between 2 and 20 years of experience".  THAT being that they receive highly focused, customized and sensitive work that creates healing without pain - and far far outside the expectations.

We also focus on nutrition and homeopathic (plant based) remedies and therapy guides but know sometimes that the science of Alopathic medicine is what you need to fix the ’now’ issue. Nutrition addresses the causative factor. So in full wellness practices, we have to learn to address our bodies intrapersonal as well as interpersonal experiences for full healing to have a place to expand.

Kate & Al (Pictured) are your hosts, facilitators as you enter this new avenue of health.
Omsho Crysalis was founded by Kate as part of the growing foundation of 20 years as a licensed massage practitioner of Washington State.
Both have worked with and studied energies from early ages.  So while you won't find a lot of "woo woo" as some loving friends in the alopathic world have put it - you will find grounded individuals that believe that to be present in our space - therapies, remedies, products (yes even crystals etc)  have to have proven themselves effective and of the best quality.  

We're working to help you shift your idea of wellness.  Changing the picture we hold of ourselves
We work to assist you on many levels. First and foremost we are here as educators and facilitators.   YOU have to make the changes needed for wellness.  We can only assist you on the journey.



UW Medicine Women’s Health Forum
“Where You’re Treated First, Matters Most.”
Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 5:15 to 8 p.m.
Where: UW Tower – 4333 Brooklyn Ave, Seattle
What: As a woman, you want to be proactive in your healthcare – including not only the kind of care you receive, but where you
receive it.

Four leading UW Medicine gynecology specialists will discuss cancer screenings, robotic-assisted surgery, HPV and other timely topics.
Educational materials and healthcare professionals will be available to address a wide range of women’s health topics.
Refreshments, opportunities to pamper yourself, giveaways and more.

Free registration: 206.598.1490 or
Register Online

WHEN:  May 17th  from 11:00 to 1:00 - ARRIVE ON TIME!!!
WHERE: Seattle Municipal Tower - Floor 40, Room 4080
WHAT:  Come learn about the services offered by Omsho Crysalis at the downtown Seattle SMT location.
Enter to win a free home or office spa party for you and up to 20 friends!
BE ON TIME for this event as we'll be doing special Dead Sea facial sampling for the first arrivers!
Special Promotional Discount Drawings!
RSVP is appreciated - REQUIRED to be part of the 11:00 facial Spa Party Event

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We foster an environment of community, communication and the integration of your own path in an intimate setting. 
Take a small step out of time that lets you take time to breathe.

We work from the heart - helping you define your own best path to wellness
When we create our own definition of wellness ~ we can achieve it.

Wellness is Not an absence of Illness
It is the presence of balance of body, mind, spiritual and financial health to allow us to handle what we must


OMSHO = Synthesis, Creation.  The Blending of 2+ components to create something new
= Harmony, Facilitation, Healing, Transformation.
Omsho Crysalis is literally Creation Thru Facilitated Transformation.  

We are here as your facilitators to change.
We're in a New Year - Are you Ready for a New You?
Nutrition, Self Care, Wellness Mgmt, Hydration and beyond.